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Panetta Wooden Housewares
  owner Mr Panetta Antonio

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The company has been founded in Omegna (Italy) in the 1978, by Antonio Panetta, with the name of " Panetta Casalinghi di Panetta Antonio".

At the very begin, this arisan company, initiated to manifacture a certain number of wooden small housewares (kitchen aids)  and, in the meantime, started to trade expecially with italian companies as one of the most important supplier of wooden kitchenwares of Italy.

Afterwars, on one side it increased the range of wooden items producted and, on the other side, it added to its catalogue new metal articles.

Panetta housewares, thanks to Macef, Homi, Ambiente and Host Exhibition also started to export its products as one of the most important brand of Made in Italy in its field.

Nowadays, Panetta Casalinghi, deals mainly with kitchenware wholesalers and  Ho.re.ca equippment suppliers.

Our company strenght is above all "Made in Italy" and the skilful combination between tradition and innovation, that is an importa feature of our Coutry too.

Our Products

Panetta Housewares offers products of the range so-called "small houseware" with  wooden items of first quality to which we combine metal small items both with the guarantee of the Made in Italy.

Concerning materials Panetta Casalinghi is always looking for natural  and not harmful to health materials. Environmentally friendly it does not forget the quality to the product, destinated to wholesalers and Horeca operators both Italian and foreigners.

Panetta Casalinghi  di Panetta Antonio
Via Verta, 100/b
28887 Omegna (VB)


Phone: +39 (0) 323 866206
Mobil: +39 348 7924450    +39 348 5262460
Fax: +39 (0) 323 642748

E-mail: info@panettacasalinghi.it 
From abroad: panettacasalinghi@libero.it
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2015 Panetta Casalinghi di Panetta Antonio - Via Verta, 100/b - 28887 Omegna (VB) - P.IVA 00494580038
Tel.(+39) 0323 866206 Fax (+39) 0323 642748 - Mobil (+39) 348 4432511 - (+39) 348 5262460