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Prodution and selling of small housewares, expecially made of wood. Strictly made in Italy.

showroom panetta casalinghi (9)

chopping boards pastry boards wooden spoons
rollin pins wooden dishes tools for making pasta
ravioli cutters pepper mills wooden mortars and pestles
wooden sieves cutlery holders vegetables holder trollies
wall kay holders wooden coat racks centerpieces
wooden sewing baskets kitchen paper holders bottle shelfs
graters home fornitures ironing boards
meat pounders gnocchi boards wooden hooks
painted products cheese holders ravioli moulds
cookie cutters cannoli cutters baking tins
aluminum meat pounders plastic cup holders iron flower boxes
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2015 Panetta Casalinghi di Panetta Antonio - Via Verta, 100/b - 28887 Omegna (VB) - P.IVA 00494580038
Tel.(+39) 0323 866206 Fax (+39) 0323 642748 - Mobil (+39) 348 4432511 - (+39) 348 5262460