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Trovato 9 voci per "wooden+gnocchi+and+pizza+making+tools"
Turning wooden rolling pin for pizza
Articolo: 50/4
Turning wooden rolling pin made of untreated beech wood. Equipped with two small handles. Ideal for rolling the dough of the pizza.
Wooden shovel oven
Articolo: 11/18
Small shovel oven made of beech wood with short handle. Ideal for bread and pizza. Sizes available: 41 x 30 cm and 53 x 37 cm.
One piece wooden shovel oven
Articolo: 10/18
Baking shovel made of one piece beech wood with long handle. Ideal for put in the wood oven pizza and bread. ideale per pane e pizza. Sizes available 120, 140 and 160 cm.
Round wooden pastry board
Articolo: 90/1
Round wooden pastry board, equipped with wood strip below it, that fix the board to the table to ensure its stability.
Rectangular pizza paddle with handle
Articolo: 12/18
Wooden pizza peel with short handle. Thichness 1 cm. Ideal for home use to make a good pizza or to serve it in a particular way. Two sizes available.
Pizza board in birch wood with rolling pin
Articolo: 1001/1
Pizza board made of birch wood, complete with wood strip that fix the board on the table, to ensure its stability and rolling pin to roll out the pizza.
Wooden garganelli maker
Articolo: 28/2
Traditional pasta garganelli maker, made of wood, equipped with small rolling pin and base
Pastry board in birch wood with side rails
Articolo: 99
Pastry board made of birch wood, it is equipped with side rails in order to contein the flour on it.
Pastry board in birch wood
Articolo: 100
Pastry board made of birch wood complete with wood strip placed below it to ensure its stability.
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