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Trovato 6 voci per "kitchen+aluminum+tools"
Aluminum meat tenderizer with two sides
Articolo: 206/1
The meat tenderizer made of aluminum is equipped with 2 faces
Aluminum apple corer and slicer
Articolo: 273/1
Apple cutter, it is capable of cutting the apples into 12 regular segments and of removing the core in a unique pressure.
Aluminum coffee maker splash guard
Articolo: 280/9
Universal splash guard for coffee maker
Aluminum olive stoner
Articolo: 274
Olive stoner made of Aluminum. Ideal for olives and cherries.
Ice shaver
Articolo: 273
Ice shaver made of aluminum with blade in stainless steel. Dimentions 13,5 x 4,5 x 4,5 cm.
Candlestick holder
Articolo: 281
Candlestick holder made of shaped metal. Colors available: red, yellow, white, black, blu and green.
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